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Web Design To Showcase Your Business

In today's digital age it is important that you showcase your business online properly or you will fall behind the competition.

Increase your website traffic with SEO

Billions of consumers are using search engines like Google to find products and services. Make sure you are one of the first results by leveraging our expertise in SEO.

Website and Application Security

To ensure security, keep your website healthy, and manage uptime we encourage regular website monitoring and maintenance.

Sell your products online

Creating an ecommerce website with organize product display tools you can boost your sales .

Our Web Design & Development Services

A Full-Service Web Design Agency

Websites play a crucial role in generating revenue, from getting users to buy your products to generating leads or establishing your brand identity. It is your platform for getting your target audience to contact you.


A Creative Web Design

We approach creativity as part of our overall approach, and it can be challenging.

However, by focusing on and defining our goals, we can accomplish everything we want.

Our services include the following:

Loud Speaker With The Words "Boost Your Business With SEO"

Connects Your Websites To Intended Audience

A good SEO strategy is one that is right for the business to reach its customers. While the end goal is to reach the first page, as an SEO service provider, we’ll continue to make your website appear right in front of your intended audience.

Want More Traffic and Revenue ?

SEO Will Help You To Achieve Both!

We genuinely care for the success of your website’s performance because it’s what we do. Consider us to be your very own digital marketing team working not only to improve search rankings but optimize your website from start to finish. Our capable SEO specialists will PLAN, OPTIMIZE and REPORT on all activities – leaving you to run your business.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce is one of the most popular ways to grow your business, no matter where you are in the world. We will help make your E-commerce store profitable.

E-commerce Content Management

To attract and convert customers it is crucial for businesses to have the right web content on both website and Social Media pages.

Web and Application Security

Damaged Online Reputation

Your website and domain name may be flagged by Google and other services as having malicious content resulting in damage to your search rankings and overall online reputation.

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Use of the website for other malicious attacks

We have all seen phishing emails. Many times, attackers are sending unsuspecting clickers to websites that appear legitimate but have been hacked. 

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Web Server Security and Availability

Critical IT Group ensures that all web servers in use are running the latest supported operating systems and security patches. Critical IT Group continuously scans and remediates critical and high vulnerabilities.

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Application Security

Critical IT Group provides application specific security that includes a full audit to ensure each and every section is reviewed for security holes. Critical IT Group audit’s third-party code to validate there is nothing unexpected happening.

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