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Critical IT Group: Website & Application Security Services
We do not complete a project without security being a top priority. Every day attackers are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in websites and web servers to gain access to websites across the globe. Critical IT Group provides each client with the ability to safely manage the security of their website, or we will do it for you!

Critical IT Group offers fully managed web design plans that include security and monitoring. We also offer basic plans that still leave you with a more secure website than most!

Why Is Website Security Crucial?

Compromise of Sensitive Data

The most widely known loss resulted from a hack is the compromise of consumer or organizational data.

Your website may contain customer data that could be downloaded by the attacker. 

This results in data loss, legal liabilities for the loss of confidential consumer data and more.

Loss of Website

After the hack, an attacker may have full control of your domain name, website, or even worse the entire hosting server.

An Attacker taking control of the website means you no longer have access to it and may potentially be left with little to no option for reviving your site, losing business, customers, SEO or marketing efforts, etc.

Vulnerable To Malicious Attacks

We have all seen phishing emails. 

Many times, attackers are sending unsuspecting clickers to websites that appear legitimate but have been hacked. This could be your website! 

Without knowing, often attackers are leveraging perfectly good websites and servers to host their malicious payloads.

Web Server Security and Availability

  • Critical IT Group ensures that all web servers in use are running the latest supported operating systems and security patches.
  • Critical IT Group continuously scans and remediates critical and high vulnerabilities.
  • Critical IT Group ensures all user accounts web portals are secured with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Critical IT Group leverages specific services to help prevent and stop DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Application Security

  • Critical IT Group provides application specific security that includes a full audit to ensure each and every section is reviewed for security holes.
  • Critical IT Group audits third-party code to validate there is nothing unexpected happening.

Backup Data

  • Critical IT Group performs daily backups of all websites and applications. We continuously backup from a bare-metal server standpoint as well as on the application level.
  • Critical IT Group can leverage many available tools to go as far as performing a backup every 5 minutes if necessary.

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